What is Lopby.com?

Lopby.com - shortener allows you to shorten a web link. From a social network or other web like google shorten drive, Facebook groups, among others. We have SSL security that will allow you to rely entirely on links shortened by Lopby.com Shortener. You can also track how many clicks your website received and from which country they were.

About Lopby.com
Image About Lopby.com

Service Guarantee

We guarantee that your link will remain valid forever. We have 24h support, you can have all the links you want at no cost.

  • Security: We review all websites within 24 hours.
  • No Spam: We do not allow shortened URLs for spam
  • Statistics We show the statistics in real time, adding / Stats to your shortened url.
  • Device: We are adapted to support all devices.

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