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These are two-dimensional bar codes that have a very particular and very interesting code and design. When entering a code with the camera of a phone or other device with reader, you can see a link, text, sms data, mail data, etc. Immediately. There are several free programs to scan QR codes such as:

  • Android - Bar-Code reader.
  • IOS QuickMark barcode scanner.
  • Android QR & Barcode Scanner – Gamma Play.
  • IOS 13 Boost QR scan.
  • Android QR Droid Private and QR Droid.
Google Example QR Code
Google Example QR Code

How many types of QR codes exist?

QR codes are actions described in a two-dimensional bar code that when read by a smartphone originate specific events according to the type. They can direct a user to a website, send an email, among others that will be described in the following list.

  • URL - Website: When you use this code, users will be directed to your website or app according to the content it contains. This content is usually the most used of QR codes.
  • Text: This QR code is the simplest of all, it contains a text without any style or format. The text will be displayed on the screen of your smartphone to be read without any further action.
  • SMS: Send a message from a code with the destination number, country code and message text. After scanning, you will only have to send the already structured message to the recipient.
  • Email: This type of QR is structured with a recipient, a message title and a text. After scanning the QR code an application or web will be opened for mailings such as Gmail, Outlook or any of your preference.

Advantages to use a QR Code

There are advantages for both companies and users who use it:

For users

Users of this application will find it totally free or very low cost depending on the requirements they need and the amount of use they give it. You will get immediate when sending the information you want to show and the time that the recipient takes to receive and review it

For businesses

For companies that wish to use QR codes they will have a multichannel and multimedia system, which will allow them to adapt to any advertising platform for current media, such as advertising panels or newspapers, the result will be powerful. It will allow interested companies to obtain relevant information from users, to send them information in subsequent campaigns.

In the area of ​​innovation, interested companies join the era of technological modernity, showing a distant face to the public user, in this way your customers will see you as a modern company. QR codes provide very low costs, sometimes they are free as in

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