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Shorten Url is the best way to rename a long link and combine it into a short one like .. lopby/ShortenURL One of the main benefits is to increase the CTR (Click rate) on your website or social link. To make it totally clear a link shortener is the same as a Short URL. Lop by offers many services such as the shortening of links, smart links, personal card, long links and others that other companies such as bitly or charge. It's simple as copy your link and get a shorter one. We guarantee that your link will remain forever

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What is a Shorten URL?

A link shortener allows you to shorten the parameters of a URL and share the link on social networks. URL shorteners, save the data that will help you obtain relevant metrics on the clicks obtained. A link shortener is a tool that randomly assigns a set of numbers and characters to the URL you enter, greatly reducing its original length.

To use it, simply paste the long URL and click on the Shorten URL button for free. Then, copy your new shortened URL and share it where you prefer, we are authorized on social networks such as Facebook, twitter, instagram, linked to, youtube, google, soundcloud, spotify and any other website.

Advantages to use a URL Shortener

  • Easy: In a simple step you can get your short link.
  • Shorten Link: Use any link, no matter the size Lopby will shorten it.
  • Secure: It is easy and safe we ​​use HTTPS encryption.
  • Devices: Compatible with all devices: smartphone, tablets and desktop.
  • Control 24h: All links related to Virus or Spam will be removed.
  • Statistics: See in our panel all the clicks that your new URL received.

How to create a Free custom URL?

First you have to understand what it is a custom url, a url or link of this type is one that contains a custom name or brand in the new shortened url. To create this type of url you just have to enter your long link in the "Your URL Here" field and click on the "Customize Free" button, then enter the name or brand you want to appear and the system will assign you a new link custom shortened.

Advantages to use a Custom URL Shortener on

  • Customization: People will recognize you for your brand, generating a lot of trust with your customers.
  • Free tool: We offer you the tools offered by other websites but totally free.
  • Security and Guarantee: All custom urls remain forever and use https encryption.
  • Statistics: You can see the statistics as in the normal shortened urls.

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